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Device Hijacking: The hacker assumes control over your field devices and heavy equipment. In some cases, the attacker does not change the basic functionality of your devices making it very hard to detect.

Man in the Middle: Attacker will disrupt communication between 2 devices. Imagine a conveyor belt carrying heavy material starts moving at 10x speed? It can cause serious damage to the plant or a person.

Distributed/Permanent Denial of Service (DDoS or PDoS): Botnet attacks like the infamous BrikerBot in 2017 hard coded passwords and cause permanent failure of devices.  Malware like these can be used to disable critical equipment in your industry.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems have been an integral part of industrial operations. Collecting data and automating processes for number of industries like agriculture, Oil and Gas, Mining, Electricity, etc.

With the rise of cloud capabilities there has been a need for enhanced communication technologies, to cater for the growing demand for remote monitoring. As the growing infrastructure can support higher volumes of data monitoring and access points, we are seeing a rise in machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies. Sensors and end points collecting data will continue to grow exponentially. This collected data helps operators improve operational decisions, save manpower and, in many instances, keep employees safe by avoiding dangerous environments. When a set of hardware, sensors, monitoring devices and software facilities communicates over the internet to improve or monitor industrial processes it referred to as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT Security).




  • SCADA systems were traditionally created to gather data not secure it and are installed by operations personnel with no security background.
  • Commonly used  protocols (MODBUS, Profibus, DNP) are intrinsically insecure.
  • These systems are always thought to be isolated from the IP network. But these days even your serial communication might be travelling over IP network at some point.
  • These systems have a very long working life and their passwords are hardly changed. Even the data is encrypted when it travels and are seldom upgrading with security patches.




  • Our devices can detect and block network traffic associated with vulnerabilities being exploited by threat actors targeting these ICS and SCADA devices.
  • Our devices can detect malicious traffic including command-and-control communications that may be found within these networks and associated with a breach. Unusual SCADA traffic can also be identified.




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