Application Containerization


Do we have a count of the number of devices connected to our network these days? If yes, do we know how many of them are non business related? According to research a large university detected close to 5000 rogue devices connected to their network. Clients/Partners visiting your office and employees often access critical applications on endpoints outside of our carefully secured network. Most of the devices in office networks are protect via some or the other endpoint protection, however are we trusting a 5 year old kid of our employee not to ever download a rogue application? Some of the devices might not be using any form of security on their endpoints and can expose your critical application to highly sophisticated cyber attacks. We all know how Bithumb (South Korean Cryptocurrency) lost personal information of 30,000 clients because an employee’s home computer was hacked.

AusBorn uses a unique approach to protect your application data from hackers. Instead of trying to secure each user’s device and OS – an impossible task – AusBorn protects the application itself. It runs user sessions inside non-modifiable containers that treat all other active computing processes as hostile. AusBorn keeps your application isolated and safe even on malware-infected endpoints.



AusBorn’s application containerization protects against:


  • Remote Takeover
  • Keylogging
  • SSL Sniffing
  • Man-in-the-middle
  • Memory Scrapping
  • Zero Day Malware
  • Fund Transfer Fraud
  • Data Exfiltration



Benefits of Containerization …


  • Banking and Financial institutions can use containerization to run their critical application within an already infected end point.
  • Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of digital transactions. Credit card details can be easily stolen by hacks like keylogger, remote takeover and Memory scraping. AusBorn’s containerization can help you prevent these attacks on your critical applications even after the end point is infected.
  • Data Protection can be achieved by securing the critical folders within the secured environment.



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