We are a team of cyber-security enthusiast with a background in technical sales and customer service. We offer our problem solving expertise to make procurement and deployment of security products seamless. Having partnered with some of the best in the class security solution providers, we are committed to attack your security vulnerabilities using time tested products.

Our young and passionate team of engineers will always bat for our clients to secure the best possible solution within a specified time frame.


The idea was conceived inside a spare room of our founders’ rented property: “To create a company which provides quick, easy and affordable cybersecurity solutions.” While observing the industry from the sidelines we felt the growing need of simplifying cyber-security solutions. Having worked in various sales and support roles for world’s biggest organisations we had the right mix of technical expertise and excellent customer service.

We have partnered with industry leaders in cyber-security products and strive to provide our customers a simplified solution tailored for their business.


Ever heard about the world famous Pike Place Fish Market and the FISH! Philosophy? If not we definitely recommend reading about it.

After adopting the FISH! philosophy in their personal life our founders’ have instilled it in the foundations of this business.

  • Everyday we Choose the Best Attitude: We always come to work choosing the best attitude towards our customer and our colleagues.
  • Make Their Day: We will always engage our customers to create energy and goodwill.
  • Be There: We will always be 100{d6e7c9163ea90848a4077f68c3ad0d9847978b10a00d5637fb7fd8e002a2e632} present with our clients during every interaction and will be focused on what they need.